"A truly original composer who freely goes his own way, untrammeled by custom or fashion" - this is how a critic described the second son of Johann Sebastian Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel. The "Empfindsamer Stil" or "Empfindsamkeit" announced new winds to the overarching idea of the baroque period: expressing extreme emotions in order to move the spectator. What better opportunity than C.P.E. Bach's 300th birthday to show that this music can still touch us?

‘These are performances of real vitality, stylish and passionate. The deepest sentiments of C.P.E. Bach’s soul are seemingly laid out for all to feel, and Ribeiro and co. capture all the nuances to perfection.’ – Early Music Review
‘Bringing us some unexpected highlights of post-Baroque pre-Classical music this is a recording which is filled with delights and is richly deserving of attention.’ – MusicWeb International